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The correct maintenance
If you are familiar with Latex, then you are aware that this particular material is some kind of a „Mr. Sensitive”. Latex is a wonderful material that is for certain, but it is also a high maintenance fabric. Through years of practice, trial and error procedures and also lot of research and inquiries I finally know exactly what is good for my all time favorite and uniquely shiny garments. In order to help you avoid all the arduous reconnaissance missions and experimenting with your favorite pieces of clothing, I decided to share my gained wisdom with all of you. No need to thank me yet.

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Bare Essentials
What are your actual latex bare essentials? I believe that there might be a multitude of possible answers. Someone could not take it without a full catsuit, or a tiny slip, but it also could be a dress or even just a mask that fits the bill. My ultimate bare essentials in latex are black latex stockings and black latex gloves. I simply love them and it does not matter which shooting is in store, there will always be black latex stockings and a pair of shiny latex gloves packed in for the ride. Susan Wayland with a shiny red pair of latex stockings and gloves.They are versatile and can be combined with any given garments. For instance, in combination with a colorful catsuit they will exude a flair of extravagance, and as accessories to a sexy dress they are just about the cream of the crop. On the other hand, nothing beats the sexiness of wearing only black latex stockings and shiny latex gloves, and I mean wearing only them and nothing else. My personal preference goes to the thin versions of such outfits, they are easier to put on (and off), they are comfortable to wear and they do not squeeze and pinch. By the way, transparent red latex stockings and gloves are a tight second place holder, after the all time favorite, black, just in case you wondered.

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Dazzling Sunset Beauty
Today I show you the trailer to my gallery “Dazzling Sunset Beauty”. This photoset is available since a few weeks in Susan Wayland Club. I love the see through purple latex catsuit so much, it fits perfectly and looks incredibly sexy. And don’t you think the outdoor location looks awesome in the lovely evening sun?

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Red Latex Love
“Red Latex Love” is a photoset which was shoot on an incredible hot summer day. But nevertheless this was no reason for me to slip into that shiny and seductive latex combination. Don’t you think these tight and high cut latex leggins looking super sexy? For a while I found that nice piece of latex in the online store of latex designer Simon O. and had felt in love with immediately. To have a matching cloths to the nice leggins I decided to wear a brilliant red latex top from Westwardbound. The top is short, nifty and pretty nice cut. Model Susan Wayland in a pair of tight latex legginsEven if it was extremely hot on the shooting day I enjoyed the hours posing and playing with the camera a lot and the one or other sea breeze cared for my refreshment. However I must admit I really looked forward my shower afterwards. Shower? Which shower you might be asking? Well… on that point I will not let out a secret. But if you would look at the photos of “Red Latex Love” in Susan Wayland Clubyou will be pretty close to the problem’s answer. There is also my personal story to read you might enjoy too.

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Orange Sun Passion
Loud and bright coloures are belonging to the summer, don’t you think so? And especially bright latex colours looking extremely wonderful if they are worn on a shiny summer day from a sexy girl. 😉 In my newest gallery “Orange Sun Passion” I’ll surprise you with a pretty nice orange coloured latex mini dress. Sisan Wayland in a sexy orange transparent mini dress. The orange looks so wonderful, the cut of the mini dress is special too and both fit perfectly into the summer. There are included some transparent latex parts into the orange and those see through parts covering nothing less than my boobs, belly and some other sexy places as well! Beside this super sexy and sweet latex mini dress I wear a pair of transparent latex stockings and gauntlet gloves. Both have a nice orange coloured ornament at the end! The combination of the mini dress, the latex stockings and gautlet gloves are so nice – sexy, sweet and cheeky, just wonderful!

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Hot Latex Chaps
There are many many extraordinary outfits I love to wear. A sexy mini skirt, a short top or some tiny hotpants are only a small number of it. But there is one garment I’m a 100% admirer of: Chaps! Damn, those pants are so freaking hot, not to speak of the way how your butt looks in it, don’t you think so?! And it’s a way to long ago since I had shown you some images of me in chaps. So, today I’m happy to present you my newest gallery from Susan Wayland Club called “Hot Latex Chaps”. As its name implies you can looking forward to many exciting sexy pictures with me and me beloved hot latex chaps! I wish you lot of fun with the super sexy dress! Those of you who will have a little rest of attention can also enjoy the wonderful sunset in the pictures! *smiles* If you want to have more information about my newest latex set I invite you take a look at the info page of “Hot Latex Chaps”. There you can read my personal, if you ask me pretty nice gallery story and you can also look at the one or another latex preview picture of the chaps photos! Enjoy!

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Flyer of Lounge Bizarre
I’m a totally admirer of this sexy see through latex body! And with the matching stockings my legs just looking great! Obviously I’m not the only one who loves the exciting latex combination I had worn in my gallery “Purple Latex Lust”. One of the popular fetish parties in northern Germany had choose a pretty nice picture of the gallery for their upcoming event. Model for latex fashion Susan Wayland is on the flyer of the event Lounge BizarreSo, I’m happy to be again on the flyer of the party Lounge Bizarre. I had visited the party many times in past, the location, visitors, cocktails and flair are simply fantastic and it’s always a pleasure for me to spend some hours at the party.

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Hot Pool Babe
Since yesterday there is a super sexy new photo gallery online in Sexy Sway Club! I gave the new photoset the short and in my opinion very appropriate name “Hot Pool Babe” and I think the name fits perfectly to the photo’s athmosphere. I simply love the dress, the complete combination of the stunning outfit became one of my favourites. I felt myself so sexy, feminine, comfortable and you can also see my beloved tattoos so nice in this dress. All in all, it was so much fun shooting these photos. The location is amazing and I heard the sound of the sea while the sun kissed my skin! The day couldn’t be better for a sexy photoshooting and it was a pure pleasure to flirt with the camera on this wonderful day. Model Sway in a sexy black dress where her tattoos are pretty nice to see.I hope you will enjoy my newest pictures too. My personal story you can read on the info page of “Hot Pool Girl” where you can also see some new pretty nice and free pictures as well. Have fun and enjoy the nice & sunny autumn day!

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